Flying Fairy Doll Zana Zburatoare The Honest Review

My 9-year-old child saw the Flying Fairy advertisement on iCado YouTube. It was 34 seconds video clip where 2 tiny girls raise an extended hand. Since I received the doll from the iCado Magazin Cadouri store to test her, my girl couldn’t stand to make the “charm” for herself. Sadly, the dream wasn’t mirrored by fact, because the next thing was anger, uncertainty, and physical discomfort — the darn thing was entangled in the hair that was a horrible tipping point.

From what it is made The Flying Fairy Doll Zana Zburatoare?

The Flying Fairy doll zana zburatoare is basically an indoor mini-helicopter that has a body made from plastic. It measures approximately 18 cm. In reality, the wings of the mini helicopter are the flickering panels around the dress. The work of purple combined with pink paint is nice, and it looks good in the doll box.

The Flying Fairy Doll Zana Zburatoare is made from two parts: a recharge platform and the doll. The first potential problem came up when we noticed that the recharging platform was holding six 1.5V AA batteries. This is too much for a toy… The doll connects to the platform and takes around 28 minutes for a full charge. This charging platform is also the launch pad of the fairy. Since she’s charged, disconnect the USB cable that is under the dress. After that, you can turn on the power button that is situated close to the power port under her dress.

Spirits rose as the doll took off on her journey. Spirits became puzzled when the doll raised and fly straight to the roof, where it was brutally hovering, frantically getting past the limits of the space. It struck me when you had a bug in the room and the insect reached the ceiling and constantly smashed to the walls attempt to flee. The fairy had fallen down to the floor in a chaotic spin of gown-blades. We did try it again. And then again. Same findings as well. Perhaps the bedroom of my daughter, it is close to the size of the commercial video we saw. Perhaps this doll needs a greater room. Next, we tested it in a larger room, and we get likewise result.

You are told to keep your hand under the doll to manage her flight route. She’s going to stay a few cm away from your side. My child tried several times, but I simply can not see a child under 14 years who can handle this plastic doll.

My girl was intent on making the Flying Fairy doll zana zburatoare to fly. She threw the fairy up, reached out the hand, but the doll smashed her head. The contact affected her, and worse, the wings of the toy’s clothes were caught in my girl’s hair. This wasn’t simple to task the 2 of them. And that is when my girl looked to me and ask, “We can play with other toys?”

In the end…

The Flying Fairy Doll is worth more than $37 when you put in 6 x 1.5V AA batteries. Even though the beauty of the design. Flying fairies it is certainly not a product that I can suggest. My girl has not been able to make the doll to function. I wasn’t able to make the doll to function. If your child’s hair is long… Maybe an accident it is possible to happen.